This year, we didn’t suffer from many Ghibli days in Benghazi, so Today, we  caught up in this respect.  Yesterday afternoon, I was driving back from Ras Lanuf  to Benghazi, when I saw the view of a white veil in the horizon about 80 KM west of Benghazi.  Today, the white color engulfed the city, accompanied with a strong wind howling most of the day and creating waves to troubled sea waters.  Dust penetrated everywhere, visibility was very poor, and most cars drove with their lights on.




By the end of the day (which was spent mostly indoors), the white veil of dust was lifted from the earth, most of dust seemed to have settled down and the wind spent most of its energy but still there, and the sky remained pure white.  After night fall, a fresh strong wind came from the east and the city was covered by dust again, and the lights reflection on particles of dust in the air became all what can be seen.  I had to climb up several times to the roof to fix the wireless aerial, and finally it worked.    Well, it was one of those days of DUNE, but until when???


An update …

The following day was clear of sand and dust, rather cloudy and the sand storm seemed to have spent entirely its energy, though much cleaning is awaiting everybody.  It looks evident now that the white dust was from the cement factory situated only a few kilometers from the city!!!  However, thanks God finally for the fresh air …